Marble & Jade

China HANYU Culture Group Co., Ltd is a wholly-owned unit of Amer International Group Co., Ltd. which aims to carry forward Chinese Culture, ” Enduring and Glorious ”, original creative statues, folk culture and art, to promote Chinese Statue Artwork to be marketization, Internationalization, branding, and industrialization. Depending on the mine resources and professional design team, it aims to be a diversified corporation, including cultural creativity and shaped stone design and so on.

  HANYU owns the best management team in this industry and the best professional capacity of design and construction. Such as the best ability of curtain wall building design, construction and decoration, the best ability of production, machining and support of marble and jade and so forth.

  HANYU owns 11 high- quality marble mines, and there are another 10 marble mines to be explored, which can be exploited 100 different kinds, spread over 7 provinces, such as Anhui, Guangxi, Hunan, Shanxi, Jilin, Henan, Guangdong and so on. And there are more than 30,000,000.00m3 Changxi White Marble and 6,000,000.00 m3 Serpentine in Susong County. Changxi White Marble is a rare kind of "Silicification" dolomite, which possesses the characteristics of soaking up less water, anti-corrosion, weather resistance, anti-skidding, antibiosis, non-toxic and so on. It can be produced into statue artworks, craft gifts and materials used outdoors, such as side fascia, thin slab, sketch plate and so forth.

  There are 106 advanced diamond wire saw product lines. The annual drilling output is 200,000.00 m3, annual output are 400,000.00 m3 materials, 200,000.00 m3 slab, 100,000.00m sketch plate, which shows that HANYU will be the largest marble mines exploration, design and machining corporation.

  HANYU has a long-term cooperation with more than dozen of famous art schools, sculpture institutes and dozens of artists. What’s more, it provides a big stage for artistic exchange and trade, besides, to attract and train a team that possesses professional skills and creative mind, by holding or investing the annual “Carving Art Festival’, “Carving Symposium” and “Sculpture Exhibition”, which makes HANYU the main force of Sculpture Industry.

  HANYU’s strategic direction is “To Create A Competitive Business Model, To Be the Center of Chinese Stone-Culture”; “To Construct the Advanced Market, To Be the Wall Mart of the Stone Industry”.

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