Rosewood, graceful and elegant, with extraordinary artistic conception, has been the first choice of the royal family and the favourite of the refined scholars. With delicate colour, noble temperament, varied shape, it was praised as illustrious, as the first-class peony from Luoyang, the ancient capital. Flashy purple and fancy yellow was its representative colors. That is why the Amer International  Group named it’s rosewood subsidiary the Weiziyaohuang Rosewood Artwork Co., Ltd.,which represents the colours and carry the highiest admiration and respect of the rosewood furniture.

  The staff of Weiziyaohuang Rosewood Artwork Co., Ltd. adheres to the humanistic philosophy of beauty, originality and persistence, devote their long-term efforts to high-end rosewood artwork industry and from the industry chain which includes material engineering, research and design, manufacturing, sales, promotion  and advanced operations.

  Since its establishment, the company blends the styles by deriving nourishment from the essence of Chinese traditional handicraft and learning the main idea from the western ergonomics and aesthetics, bringing the harmony of utility value and aesthetic art.

  Weiziyaohuang Rosewood Artwork Co., Ltd., takes the lead in applying the modern manufacturing machines, importing logical management systems and laying a solid industrial foundation. In high-end customized products, we inherited the ancient essence by using the traditional handmade manufacturing way, conserve its peculiarity, artistry and collection value. Our classical taste and lasting aroma are going side by side with the vintage wine. We strive to be world renowned, to brighten the ancient capital city, to be stored by the whole nation and became the unique one in the high-end rosewood furniture market.

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