Amer Semiconductor Industrial Park

Amer Semiconductor Co., Ltd. was founded by Amer International Group Co., Ltd. in September 2011. It aims to be the main force within the semiconductor industry and operates according to the main goal: “Serving the country through an innovative industrial development.”

  Amer Semiconductor Co., Ltd. signed the investment agreement with the Government of Chizhou city (Anhui Province), in June 2011 with a mission to invest and construct the Amer Semiconductor Industrial Park. The  goal is to create semiconductor industrial clusters dealing with the chip design, wafer fabrication, packaging and testing, during 3 stages, between the years 2011 - 2020. The industrial park will contain design and research centers, manufacture and creation halls, trade and transportation solutions and will involve wide communities.

  From the beginning of the preparations in 2010, the project team went abroad to negotiate the start of a successful cooperation, to purchase, research and develop the famous semiconductor companies from USA, Japan, Singapore etc. which already have  created an advanced integrated circuit industry. At the same time, we found and with the highly competitive salary attracted  all kinds of professional technicians to get them together here, where the semiconductor history will be written in the future. So far, there are more than 100 semiconductor professionals from home and abroad, including several top talents from “The Thousand Talents Program”, which had basically built the technological management team, including the Taiwan top men and women of semiconductor industry.

| Address: The Jiuhuashan Avenue 520, Chizhou, Anhui Province. | Tel: 0566-3223888 | Website:
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