Group Introduction



      Amer International Group is a leading Chinese multinational company mainly dealing with non-ferrous metals. For over 10 years, we have been contributing to the development of several industries, communities and economies all around the world. Amer International Group has already built itself from a single industry regional player into a global leader.

      We grew to a family of 15,000 people, who daily put their exceptional skills at the service of the company and the community, sharing the core values of our organization. Amer located its headquarters in Shenzhen, and has also established international headquarters in Geneva, Europe and Singapore, Asia as well as domestic regional headquarters in Beijing and Shanghai.

      In recent years, our global operations have been dedicated to enlarge and strengthen our non-ferrous metals industrial chain. In the meanwhile, we continue building on our success within the semiconductor industry, aiming to become a global leader in the future.  Furthermore, there are six industrial parks located in Shenzhen - Precision Control Wire Industrial Park, Jiangxi Province - Ganzhou Mining Base, Anhui Province- Copper Manufacturing Industrial Park, Anqing- Chinese Jade Industrial Park, Chizhou Semiconductors Industrial Park and Liaoning Province- Polyimide Industrial Base (both in construction), Guangan Hongwei High & New Electronic Information Materials Industrial Park, Amer Lanzhou Electronic Information Industrial Park, Amer Huangshi Electronic Information Industrial Park,Zhengzhou Henan Air Harbor Amer Smart Terminal (mobile phone) Industrial Park, Amer Luoyang Non-ferrous Metals Science and Technology City, etc.
      In 2014, the turnov
er of Amer has achieved 268.712 billion Yuan, Amer International Group was ranked the 5th place within China Top 500 Private Enterprises, the 4th place among China Top 500 Private Enterprises—Manufacturing Industry, the 45th place within China Top 500 Enterprises, the 15th place among China Top 500 Enterprises—Manufacturing Industry. It jumped to the 247th place among the World Top 500 Enterprises!