Group Introduction


Amer International Group is a high-technology industry group, which has developed from industrial economy and mainly focuses on the whole industry chain of new electronic information and new materials. The group has striven to develop industrial investment, the development of science and technology smart parks, strategic investment, financial investment, trading platforms, etc. in recent years. It is the world’s leading new metallic materials producer.

Amer employs a staff of over 17,500 at present. Located in Shenzhen, Guangdong Province, the group had also established four other domestic regional headquarters in East, North, Southwest and Northwest China as well as three international headquarters in Asia, Europe and America.  In 2017, Amer Group has achieved a turnover of over 490 billion RMB, ranked 111th on Fortune Global 500 list 2018. In 2018, Amer Group ranks 27th among the China Top 500 Enterprises, 6th among the China Top 500  Manufacturing Enterprises, 3rd among the China Top 500 Private Enterprises, and 2nd among the China Top 500 Private Manufacturing Enterprises.

The Group currently owns Shenzhen New Metallic Materials Industrial Park in Guangdong Province, Ganzhou New Metallic Materials Industrial Park in Jiangxi Province, Tongling New Metallic Materials Manufacturing Industrial Park in Anhui Province, Lanzhou Electronic Information Industrial Park in Gansu Province, Yingkou Gaowei New Metallic Materials Industrial Park in Liaoning Province, Amer Nanchuan New Metallic Materials Industrial Park in Chongqing City, Amer Luoyang New Metallic and Non–metallic Materials Science and Technology City in Henan Province, Tianjin Electronic Information Industrial Base, Yichun Electronic Information Industrial Park in Jiangxi Province, Zhuhai Haiwei Science and Technology Innovation Center in Guangdong Province, Guang’an Hongwei New Metallic and Non–metallic Materials Industrial Park in Sichuan Province, Yingkou Polyimide Non-metallic New Materials Industiral Park in Liaoning Province, Amer Smart Terminal (mobile phone) Industrial Park at Zhengzhou Air Harbor Henan Province, Singapore Integrated Circuit Industiral Base, Amer General Moly Industrial Park in America, Amer Dazu Electronic Information and Culture Industrial Park in Chongqing City, Chenzhou International  Mineral Resources Trading Center in Hunan Province,  Guizhou International Commodities Exchange Center, Luoyang Metal Exchange in Henan Province,  Anqing Chinese Jade Industrial Park in Anhui Province, Wuzhou International Gem and Jade Cultural and Creative Industrial Park in Guangxi Province, Wei Zi Yao Huang Rosewood Art Industrial Park, Amer Horticulture Industrial Park, and Amer Health Industrial Park.

Amer has set up three research and development centers in the world, i.e. Swiss Research and Development Center, American Research and Development Center, and Singaporean Research and Development Center. At the same time, cooperating with some well-known institutions of higher learning, e.g. Harvard University, University of Oxford, University of Cambridge, University of Washington, New York University, City University of Hong Kong, Peking University, South University of Science and Technology, Anhui University, Amer has made contributions to education development.

With twenty years’ development, Amer International Group has already made itself from a regional producer with a single industry into a global leader with whole industry chain. The progress was made possible with its highest professional ethics, ability to seize opportunities timely, its talent development and human resource integration as well as the Group’s unique and successful application of economic principles in all their operations.

With rapid growth of economic globalization and the China's push for economic system reform, Amer International Group will make every effort to expand its international market share, attract talents with global perspectives  and through its excellent management to continue its investment pursuit in both upstream and downstream of its products value chain. The Group strives to finesse its integrated value chain, delivers top quality in its products and be known as a reliable and reputable service provider in order to join the Fortune Global Top 100 list and fulfill the Group’s mission.