Chairman's speech

After many years of hard work, we at AMER International Group finally fulfilled one of our long-term ambitions. To join the restrict club Fortune Global Top 500. It is a great achievement, which results from almost two decades of progress, operational excellence and strategy. This could not have been achieved without the contribution of all our staff, from top to bottom. A special mention to all of our stakeholders, such as our loyal customers, who stood by us, and that believe that we are on a growing path to achieve even higher goals in the future.

  Since day one, our purpose was always to deliver high quality products and services to our customers. The customer is at core of our concerns, and we at Amer International Group treat them as part of our big family.

  With the intensification of global competition, a company to be successful needs to have a strong branding strategy, which clearly communicates its’ values and distinguishes it from its’ competitors. In a global economy characterized by diversified business models and diversified markets operational excellence can only be achieved through a multicultural work force that understands the subtle differences between markets and makes detail-oriented decisions in order to ensure the maximization of our stakeholders wellbeing.

  Cooperation is also a key success factor, finding the right partners in the right markets, sharing knowledge and creating synergies is something we truly strive for here at the Amer International Group.

  The staff is a big part of our success, the attraction and retention of talented people, allowing them to fulfill their potential is essential for long-term success. Integrity, excellence, efficiency, persistence, diligence, creativity, teamwork, all of these are concepts very dear to our associates and that we try them to incorporate once they join our family. 

  The Amer International Group has grown into a global player, operating a wide range of businesses, from commodities trading to the manufacturing different products. However during our growing process we vowed never to lose sight of what is important. Innovation and sustainability are and always will be at the centre of our business model.

  Last but not least, a word to the communities where we operate, without your support and cooperation we could not succeed. A company’s success it depends greatly on the community, which provides space, workforce, market opportunities. We at Amer International Group are determined to repay society for its contribution to our successes by contributing to ease natural catastrophes, in social welfare projects and cultural initiatives, not forgetting our pledge to be environmentally responsible trying to minimize the impact in nature, through the use of clean energies and green technologies.

  The future of the Amer International Group is bright with many more successes yet to come, as a result of the commitment and belief of our stakeholders. Together we can do it!