Tongling Copper Manufacturing Industrial Park

Tongling Copper Manufacturing Industrial Park was founded in 2005 by Quanwei Copper Technology Co. Ltd., which is a  fully owned subsidiary of Amer International Group Co. Ltd.. Quanwei  Copper Technology is an integrated enterprise with the ability to produce, design and sale  copper, copper products and cables. It is the first 10 billion private enterprise in the history of Anhui province and the first private enterprise which achieved the China's top 500 enterprises ranking as well .For three years consecutively (2009-2011), it has been ranked no.1 of all private enterprises in Anhui province. 

  Phase 1: The industrial park with its annual capacity of 250 ,000 tons of low-oxygen bright copper rod and annual production of 140, 000 tons of refined copper is the key project of Tongling city (Anhui province) redeeming the 200 billion copper industry. It is also the so called "861" key project of Anhui province and strategic emerging industrial backbone of the whole area. The project introduced the world's largest metallurgical equipment manufactured by German SMS Meer GmbH, the  CONTIROD continuous casting and rolling production line with an annual production of 250, 000 tons of low-oxygen bright copper rod, as well as the MM85 double wire drawing machine with an annual output of 140 000 tons of fine copper wire, made by German company NIEHOFF. The whole device is the World's top complete set of professional equipment under one roof. The project has gone into operation in August 2009 and has realized its goal in a very short time. The sales revenue exceeded 10 billion RMB in the first year of operation. Quanwei Copper Technology ranked 137th in China’s top 500 private enterprises in 2011 and 95th within the China's top 500 private manufacturers. In 2012, the sales volume  achieved 23 billion RMB,-. 

  Phase 2: Recently, Quanwei Copper Technology is rapidly promoting the phase 2 project. Besides the original industrial base, it adds new copper processing, special cables, polymer modified materials and power cords production lines and started to build a new R&D center. Phase 2 project will offer 1500 new job opportunities for locals.

  Quanwei Copper Technology will persistently strive to work towards the goal of being the first class copper processing enterprise in domestic market.

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