2018 Mar.

Good news! Amer International Group was awarded the Shenzhen's best employer in 2017


On 25th January, 2018, Shenzhen Human Resource Summit Forum 2018& Best Employer Annual Award Ceremony organized by ZhiLian Hiring, Amer International Group was awarded the Shenzhen’s best employer in 2017 with its excellent reputation and outstanding performance in the influence of the employer’s brand.



The selection report shows that ‘the primary indicator of best employers’ attention in the eyes of the public in Shenzhen is the employer culture, followed by training development, and the employer’s image is the last. The second-ranked indicators ranked in the top five are respect for employees, well-being benefits, broad job promotion opportunities, active and healthy working atmosphere, and attractive corporate culture. To be selected as the best employer represents the public's high recognition of Amer International Group



Amer International Group is a high-technology industry group, which has developed from industrial economy and mainly focuses on the whole industry chain of new metallic and non–metallic materials. The group has striven to develop industrial investment, the development of science and technology smart parks, strategic investment, financial investment, trading platforms, etc. in recent years. It is the world’s leading new metallic materials producer. Amer was first elected the top 500 in the world since 2013, and has risen to rank 183rd in 5 years.