2016 Mar.

The Yearbook of Amer—2014 has been published


At present, The Yearbook of Amer—2014 which was written by Amer’s Yearbook Editorial Board has been published. 

      The yearbook of an enterprise not only records the history, but also helps us to analyze the development pattern of it. It can predict the future and direct our work. As Amer’s first comprehensive book, it entirely and objectively records the operation situation of our non-ferrous metals, semi-conductor, electronic information, high-tech materials, and culture creativity industry etc. Without different department’s great support and cooperation, our group leaders’ right direction and our Editorial Board’s day and night hardworking, we couldn’t reach the success which marked the milestone in Amer’s development history. It is another big harvest in our company culture center’s construction history. 

      There are nine parts of the yearbook, including the big event, special report, important speech, department work record etc. The book consists of 602,000 words, with pictures and graphs to explain the content. It gives us a panoramic exhibition of Amer’s development trace in 2014. It also has a superior history value and conservation value.

    Based on The Yearbook of Amer—2014, the Editorial Board of Amer will continue working on the edition of 2015, in order to realize the sustainable development target of one year, one book.