2014 Nov.

The signing ceremony of Amer Smart Phone Industrial Park Project




On 18th November, the contract of Amer Smart Phone Industrial Project was signed in Zhengzhou. According to the contract, Amer plans to build some projects, such as cell phone whole machine manufacturing, core accessories manufacturing of the cell phone industrial chain, software development, trade exhibition, commercial and trade logistics, etc. in Zhengzhou Air Harbor Comprehensive Experimental Zone. It aims to create a smart terminal cell phone industrial park which includes production, study, research, living, travel, commerce, logistics, trade, finance and headquarters.

      At the signing ceremony, chairman of Amer Wang Wenyin indicated that, Amer would depend on its strong resource integration to lead Shenzhen’s coastal area cell phone manufacturing and cell phone accessories enterprises to transfer to Zhengzhou through the operation of the market capital. The project will play an important role in pushing forward the creation of building Zhenghzou Air Harbor Comprehensive Experimental Zone to become the global significant smart terminal research and development manufacturing base.

      At the end of the ceremony, the provincial governor of Henan Xie Fuzhan met chairman Wang. He welcomed Wang Wenyin to come to visit Hennan and showed his congratulations to Amer’s successful signing ceremony. Xie Fuzhan briefly introduced the good conditions of Hennan’s economic development situation, the construction of Zhenghzou Air Harbor Comprehensive Experimental Zone, and the development situation of Henan smart terminal Industry. Xie hoped us to take advantage of our capital, technology and reputation etc. to actively drive the upstream and downstream supporting business of the cell phone industrial chain to enter the park. In this way, it will improve the investment, and form the agglomeration effect, and scale effect to create experience and brands. He emphasized that, Henan would actively build a good environment to support Amer’s business and both of us could realize the mutual benefit at last.

       Wang Wenyin thanked Henan government and Henan provincial party committee for their great support. He briefly introduced Amer’s basic situation, operation theory and development strategy. He said that, the development orientation and plan of
Zhenghzou Air Harbor Comprehensive Experimental Zone was rather suitable for the strategic height of Amer’s inner structure adjustment and development mode creativity. It was the group’s significant measures in investing and building Amer smart cell phone industrial park. We paid highly attention to the cooperation and wished to get more benefits in the end.