2013 Dec.

Mr. Wang Wenyin attended the APEC small and medium enterprises summit and made the keynote speech


On 19 th December 2013, APEC small and medium enterprises summit was held in Shenzhen. Mr. Wang Wenyin was invited to attend the summit and gave us the speech.

      As the first summit of the small and medium enterprises, it was surrounded by the theme of ceaseless innovation. We discussed about several hot topics, such as Large manufacture、Small Innovation, transnational corporation balance rule, Internet new finance, How to win the segment market, the combination of culture and commercial, etc.

      Shenzhen deputy mayor Zhang Biao, vice president Yuping from CCPIT, Executive vice chairman Liu Yupu from the International Cooperation Association of Small and Medium Enterprises, attended the opening ceremony and made speeches to the audience.

      During chairman Wang’s speech, he pointed out: “For enterprises, if there is one thing we need to do, that is to build our enterprise culture. When the scale of enterprise is small, we do not think that the culture is important. When the business of enterprise is larger, we can feel that the culture is our lifeblood. If there are two things that we have to do, they are: Firstly, manage the employees; secondly, manage the articles. Employees and articles are the core elements of our enterprises. Otherwise, if there are three things need us to do, they should be: the management of money flow, profit margin and the development of the company. The failure and death of one enterprise must come from its non-profit running situation. The long-term non-profit running situation gives the enterprise death penalty. If we need to do four things, they are: Investment Holding, Financing Realization, Scale Operation and specialization of work. In the era of big data, Internet of things, cloud computing, wise city, no-boundary and large overturn, we have to create new commercial thoughts and business mode, also we should learn to master error-correcting ability and create new products.”

      The host asked Mr. Wang: “Just not too long ago, Lang Xianping predicted boldly that Chinese manufacturing business would collapse in 2015 and many media and research reports also agreed with his point of view. Most of them thought that our Chinese manufacturing business was entering the winter season.”Mr. Wang answered quickly: “I do not agree with them. Their point of view is not right. Just like the prediction of 2012 doomsday which can never happen. At present, China is still during the strong economy developing period. The future of our manufacturing business is quite bright. How can it come to the end? Why I think so? In China, we have the powerful government and our manufacturing business is developing very fast in the way of screw type. Although we come across difficulties and problems, it is impossible that our manufacturing business will end. The development of one country, one nationality and one area need three items, they are marketing, talents and capital. In the global, we have more than 190 countries and districts. China is one of the few countries which have the three items. The future twenty years’ economic development still belongs to China.”