2018 Nov.

Secretary of the Sichuan Provincial Party Committee Peng Qinghua cordially met Amer Group Chairman Wang Wenyin

On September 18th, Secretary of the Sichuan Provincial Party Committee Peng Qinghua cordially met Amer Group Chairman Wang Wenyin in Chengdu. The two sides held a in-depth talk on issues such as Sichuan's social and economic development, broadening cooperation areas, and focusing on poverty alleviation.



During the meeting, Secretary Peng Qinghua extended a warm welcome to Chairman Wang Wenyin and his delegation, and thanked Amer Group for its long-term support for Sichuan's social and economic development. Secretary Peng Qinghua highly affirmed the achievements of Amer Group and praised Chairman Wang Wenyin as a successful and outstanding entrepreneur and a model for Chinese private entrepreneurs. Secretary Peng Qinghua memtioned that Sichuan is a well-developed province with abundant resource and large population in China. It has a solid industrial foundation and a rich history and culture. It is currently implementing a comprehensive open cooperation strategy and its economic development is accelerating.




Secretary Peng Qinghua said that Amer Group is a powerful enterprise with great development potential. He said It is hoped that Amer Group keeps itself base on the existing foundation of cooperation , increases investment in Sichuan province, and actively promotes the cooperation of those industries that both sides are good at , such as new materials, semiconductors and health, while drives more companies to study exchange, investment and development in Sichuan.




Chairman Wang Wenyin introduced the investment situation of Amer Group in Sichuan, and expressed gratitude to Peng Qinghua for his long-term support and concern. Wang Wenyin said that Amer Group will firmly grasp the advantages of Sichuan as an important section connecting the Belt and Road, meanwhile, grasp the opportunity of the Belt and Road to open up the western region of China, and actively help Sichuan transform to a strong economic province.