2018 Jul.

Chairman of Amer International Group Wang Wenyin and Dr. Zhang Rujing, the father of China Semiconductor and founder of SMIC

On April 25, 2018, the father of China Semiconductor, the chairman of the SiEn Semiconductor Corporation Co, Ltd., and the founder of SMIC Dr. Zhang Rujing led a delegation to the Shenzhen headquarters of the Amer Group and was warmly received by Chairman Wang Wenyin. Both sides hold talks on the Investment cooperation and reached an agreement.



At the forum, Chairman Wang Wenyin warmly welcomed the arrival of Dr. Zhang and his delegation. He highly praised Dr. Zhang’s strategic planning and outstanding contributions in the field of semiconductors in China. Chairman Wang also highlighted Amer Group’s research, development plans and cooperation intentions in the semiconductor industry.


Dr. Zhang Rujing thanked Chairman Wang Wenyin for his hospitality and highly recognized Amer Group’s brand, corporate culture and comprehensive strength. He expressed his deep respect for the charisma of Chairman Wang Wenyin. He also said that the Chinese semiconductor industry is on a critical stage and will be in the next stage. Gradually, we need to take the shared IDM model instead of chasing those foundry giants. We hope to use the powerful Amer Group platform to jointly open China's semiconductor industry. Dr. Zhang Rujing also conducted strategic and forward-looking analysis and elaboration on the development Status and Future Trend of Semiconductor Industry in China.



Both parties have reached an agreement in enthusiastic atmosphere. In the future, Amer Group will continue to give full play to the world's top 500 brand and financial advantages, and will continue to make the industry more sophisticated and stronger, encourage the national spirit and realize the industry with endless innovation. In addition, Amer Group will help the development of China's semiconductor industry.