2018 May

Member of the Standing Committee of the Jiangxi Provincial CPC Committee and Party Secretary of Ganzhou City Li Bingjun met Amer International Group Chairman Wang Wenyin



At the forum, Secretary Li Bingjun warmly welcomed the arrival of Chairman Wang Wenyin and his delegation and thanked Amer Group for supporting the development and construction of Ganzhou. He said that Ganzhou, as an old revolutionary area, has great historical significance for the establishment of New China. Amer Group coming to invest and develop in Ganzhou is an important manifestation of its original aspiration. It is also an initiative for a private company to actively perform its social responsibilities.





In recent years, the national ministries and commissions, the provincial party committee and the provincial government have given Ganzhou great policy support, and the business environment in Ganzhou has improved significantly.  And the opening of the high-speed railways has greatly facilitated the investment of Shenzhen enterprises. The arrival of the world’s top 500 enterprise Amer Group will definitely promote the further economic growth of Ganzhou.


Chairman Wang Wenyin thanked Li Bingjun for his great concern and support for Amer International Group. Frankly, Amer International Group had already laid out Jiangxi and recognized the development prospect of Ganzhou very early. He said that the reason why Amer Group is able to achieve achievements stems from the party’s correct leadership, Amer International Group will make use of the world's top 500 enterprise brand, capital, technology, talent and ideas to deepen cooperation with Ganzhou and help Ganzhou become a representative of beautiful China promoted by Prime Minister Li Keqiang.


Zhao Duoxian, Secretary General of the Standing Committee of Ganzhou Municipal Committee, and Lai Xiaojun, Secretary of Xingguo County Committee, Jiang Daoxiang, Chairman of the Group's Strategic and Cultural Committee, Chen Heping, President of Investment and President of Amer  Culture Group, Ruan Liyin, Chief Operating Officer of Amer Culture Group, Xu Jinhua, President of the Group’s East China Region, and Longwei company’s general manager Zhou Yuefei and Longwei’s deputy general manager Rui Xiaoling attended the meeting.

On April 16, 2018, Li Bingjun, member of the Standing Committee of the Jiangxi Provincial CPC Committee and Party Secretary of Ganzhou City, met Wang Wenyin, chairman of the board of directors of Amer International Group, at the Ganzhou Guest Hotel. Both parties held talks and reached consensus on Amer Group’s investment in Ganzhou.