2018 Apr.

Chairman Wang Wenyin attended to 2018 Guangzhou Annual International Investment Meeting


From March 27th to 28th, 2018 Guangzhou Annual international Investment Meeting in China was held in Baiyun International Conference Center, Wang Wenyin, the chairman of Amer International Group, was invited to attend.


On the morning of 28th march, Ren Xuefeng, Secretary of the Guangzhou Municipal Committee of the CPC, met Wang Wenyin, chairman of Amer International Group, and other important guests. Ren Xuefeng explained that the determination of the party and the government to build Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area, and stressed the overall advantages of Guangzhou's policy, transportation, education and science and technology under the new opportunity. Ren Xuefeng also said that welcome the investors to invest in Guangzhou, to help the development of Guangzhou, and contribute to the construction of Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay area .



Wen Guohui, mayor of the Guangzhou Municipal People’s government made a speech, and he said that the development of Guangzhou are remarkable in recent years, such as first-class business environment , better and better urban environment and booming high-end and leading industry, and hope that domestic and international enterprises can developing in Guangzhou, to grasp the golden period of high speed development in Guangzhou.


In meeting, chairman Wang made a keynote speech on "new material innovation and Guangzhou's future". He showed the excellent achievements of Amer on new metal materials and non-metallic materials, and said that Guangzhou is the best choice for entrepreneurs.


Chairman Wang Wenyin said frankly that as a member of the CPPCC National Committee in Guangdong Province and as a representative of private entrepreneurs, he would always bear in mind the important instructions given by the General Secretary, insist that development is the first task, and advance the supply-side structural reform in depth and create demand in depth: Insist that talent is the first resource, create the system mechanism to attract the global talent, train the cutting-edge talents with high innovation ability. Insist that innovation is the first motive force, increase R & D investment, encourage original scientific invention and discovery, realize the organic combination of production, study and research, and promote economic development. At the same time, he also called on representatives of entrepreneurs attending the meeting to respond positively to the call of the Guangdong Provincial Party Committee and the provincial government to "return to Guangdong and build Guangdong," so as to contribute to the realization of a new round of economic take-off in the construction of Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macau Greater Bay Area.



The wonderful speech showed the heart of an excellent private entrepreneur, and showing the high awareness of a member of the CPPCC National Committee and reaping the applause of the guests. In future, Amer International Group would effectively promote the implementation of the Nansha project, and helping the development of many industries, such as the economy of Guangzhou headquarters, new materials, semiconductors, and great health.


The total number of guests in this annual investment meeting was over 2500, with 93 participants in the world's top 500 enterprises. After the plenary meeting, each district, relevant departments and enterprises will focus on four topics: constructing a system mechanism for promoting high-quality economic development, building a modern economic system, forming a new pattern of all-round opening up, and creating a pattern of co-construction, co-governance, and shared social governance. At the same time, it holds 23 special chapters. At that time, the "black technology" of self-driving cars, drones, robots and other local enterprises will make a collective appearance to demonstrate the achievements and strength of guangzhou's scientific and technological innovation.