2018 Mar.

Wang Yuxiang, Vice mayor of Guiyang met with Amer International Group’s chairman Wang Wenyin and the delegation


On 23rd March,2018, Amer International Group’s chairman Wang Wenyin and the delegation have launched an in-depth investigation on the investment environment in Guiyang city. Wang Yuxiang, Vice mayor of Guiyang, warmly welcome chairman Wang’s visit, both sides have in-depth exchanged on the investment cooperation in Guiyang.


At the Forum, the vice mayor Wang Yuxiang showed highly appreciated to Amer’s achievement of the field of new metal materials and non-metal materials. Also, the industrial policy and development opportunities of Guiyang are introduced in detail.



Chairman Wang appreciated the vice mayor Wang Yuxiang’s high attention and strong support, and said that Guiyang is the city of future. In the China’s 80s, the whole China pinned hope on coastal areas; In the China’s 90s, China paid more attention on Central areas; In the China’s 2000s, China foucsed on western areas; In the China’s 2010s, China depends on Guiyang. Amer Group is full of hope for development of investment in Guiyang.



Both sides had talks harmoniously and reach a cooperation consensus. Amer International Group and Guiyang government reached 3 important cooperation, which are culture-oriented travel, the heavy industry and the cooperation of business trading. For cooperation of culture-oriented travel, Amer Group would launch Cultural Creative Park with national character in Guiyang, and take full advantage of the influence of Shenzhen Cultural Creative Industry Association to set up branch operation center in Guiyang. In the cooperation of the heavy industry, Amer would strongly support and invest to the construction of new metal material industry park. For the cooperation of business trading, Amer would take full advantage of the big data industry in Guiyang, to improve Guizhou International Goods Transaction Center to become better and stronger.