2018 Mar.

The honor of Amer, the record of CPPCC National Committee member & Amer International Group chairman Wang Wenyin “NPC&CPPCC 2018” performance


From March 3rd through the 15th, The First Meeting of The Thirteenth National Committee of The Chinese people's Political Consultative Conference in a grand ceremony held in Beijing. CPPCC National Committee member & Amer International Group chairman Wang Wenyin has attended the meeting.


Committee member Wang Wenyin referred 4 proposals in total, which are ‘Proposal of reducing the business use of land cost in China’, ‘Proposal of promoting the reform of the system of product quality supervision and inspection’, ‘Proposal of improving 500 poverty counties accurately by 500 Chinese top 500 enterprises’ and ‘Proposal of the national key R&D plan establishes special technical trade measures’. These proposals focus on research to solve the current social issues, hotspots, difficulties, and provide advice and suggestions for high-quality economic and social development.


Wang Wenyin pays great attention to national development and social situation, and performs the duty of participating in the administration and discussion of state affairs. A few months earlier before the meeting, Mr. Wang collated information, analyzed problems, and research the trends, to prepare many proposals in broad representation.



During the NPC & CPPCC, Committee member Wang Wenyin’s proposals has received much more attention. Mr Wang was interviewed and reported by the ‘Yangcheng Evening News’, ‘Shenzhen CPPCC’, ‘Economic Daily’ and ‘Chinese gold news’ etc..



In economic respect, committee member Wang Wenyin thinked that Reducing the enterprises business cost must be enforced. For improvement of business environment, Mr. Wang suggested that the businesses burden of tax, the costs of land and the labor costs etc. should be reduced. Also, businesses should change and improve the economic structure, and pay more attention to development of internet , high and new technologies, artificial intelligence, high-end manufacturing and other related industries, to make full use of a leading role of excellent entrepreneurs during the decisive period of building a all-rould-well-off society.



In addition, committee member Wang Wenyin also pays high attention the issues of party construction. Committee member Wang Wenyin made a statement about ‘ party construction becoming a red engine to promote stronger and better private enterprises’. He emphasized that the work of private enterprises party construction is a long and arduous task. Amer International Group would actively search new methods and approaches for party construction, to achieve the political leading role of the party organization around the promotion of development, the service for public and the promotion of harmony.Taking the motivation of party construction to help the enterprises growth. To make party construction as a kind of visible productive forces in order to help the Group advance toward the top 100 companies in the world. To achieve the corporate mission Encourage the national spirit and boost up the industry to serve our country, and contribute more to the realization of the China dream of a great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation.