2017 Mar.

Secretary of the CPC Committee of Jiangxi Province Lu Xinshe meets with Chairman Wang Wenyin



On March 28, 2017, Chairman Wang Wenyin inspected Amer Yichun Project and met the Secretary of the CPC Committee of Jiangxi Province Lu Xinshe. Accompanied by Chairman Wang, Secretary Lu read the propaganda poster of Yichun Project and finally understood the project plan in detail.



Chairman Wang expressed, Amer has confidence with future development of Jiangxi province, and will continuously increase the investment intensity in Jiangxi. Particularly, Amer will speed up the construction of the electronic information industrial park and the characteristic town of Yichun Project. At the same time, Amer will attract more and more small and medium-sized enterprises to come to Jiangxi by its advantages in strategy, market, brand, service, technology, resourse, finance, enterprise scale and comprehensive cost. This meeting will push forward Amer Yichun Project process.