2016 Mar.

Amer Culture Communication Co., Ltd. has been registered in Shenzhen.

On 29th December 2015, Amer Culture Communication Co., Ltd. (Amer Media) which was under the guidance of our group’s culture center has been registered in Shenzhen. 

      Amer Media is the wholly owned subsidiary of Amer International Group. It follows chairman Wang Wenyin’s guiding ideology-- “Culture is everything”, and insists on developing the road of “culture industrialization, culture product financialization, culture industry securitization, traditional culture modernization and Chinese culture internationalization”. As a result, it aims to build itself into a professional and special comprehensive culture communication company. 

     The scope of business includes: culture activity plan, culture derivatives development, etiquette and celebrations, culture artwork selling, corporate image plan, brand image plan, marketing management plan, creative industry development design, animation and derivatives development, advertising, film and TV programs , microfilm, image film manufacture, literary and artistic creation, show, actor broker, high-tech printing, and publication distributing etc. 

      Since the establishment of the company, it begins to operate in a standard mode of the Quoted Companies. Meanwhile, it integrates the advanced resources and develops the related business to make itself stronger and bigger. It will try its best to go public within three years. 

      The establishment of the company means that our group is formally marching to the culture industry area.