2016 Jan.

Amer’s work summary of 2015 & work plan report seminar of 2016




On January 24th 2016, Amer’s work summary of 2015 & work plan report seminar of 2016 was held at Shenzhen Lanham Hotel. The seminar made a conclusion about Amer’s work of 2015 and arranged its significant work of 2016. There were 252 employees from the different departments, subsidiaries, and projects attended the seminar.

      Chairman Wang indicated that, in the year of 2015, our group made great achievements in several projects, such as the business harbor, the science and technology city, big data etc. The success of Amer depended on all the staff’s efforts and the lead of our corporate culture. He emphasized that, we could not use the traditional mind to think, but the overturning thinking and super-normal actions to smash traditional shackles. Only a few number of enterprises survived through the competition and Amer was one of them. Those world tycoons such as Nokia, Motorola, and Microsoft failed while Amer succeeded.



      At the end of the seminar, Amer held the opening ceremony of its university (Amer University). Chairman Wang made the speech of Amer University’s first lesson. He said that, corporate universities were the processing factory of enterprises’ talents. They were not only the gas station of our mind, but also the new platform of the integrated resources. They played a very important role in inheriting culture, pushing strategies, improving performance, training talents and managing knowledge. The prosperity of one central area can’t get away from universities’ development. Reading can change appearance, and improve our qualities. Its efficiency is better than any cosmetics. Study is the only way to solve problems and we must consider it as significant as air. He wished, Amer University could attract the most excellent talents to our group.