2015 Oct.

Wang Wenyin accompanies President Xi Jinping’s delegation to attend important commercial activities in US



Chinese President Xi Jinping made a state visit to US from 22nd to 25th September. After that, during 26th to 28th, President Xi went to New York and attended the summit conference for celebrating the 70th anniversary of the foundation of United Nations. Along with the delegation, Mr. Wang Wenyin, the chairman of Amer International Group, and some other representatives of Chinese entrepreneurs participated in some important commercial activities. It is the second time for Mr. Wang to go along with President Xi since the previous state visit to Korea last year.


    The purposes of the visit are to deepen the friendship between Chinese and American people, broaden the cooperation in every field and push the new Sino-US relations into greater development. During the days in US, profound, sincere and constructive meetings were held by President Xi Jinping and President Barack Obama. The two sides reached broadest consensus and achieved a series of important results.





    The economic base determines the superstructure. This is an eternally immutable truth. One of the trumps of this visit is the excellent Chinese entrepreneurs with economic strength. Their outstanding performance in the series of commercial activities drew US and even the whole world’s attention.





     According to the schedule, Chairman Wang Wenyin represented Chinese enterprises to take part in a series of business negotiation activities. He also carried through several meetings with Bruce Hansen, the CEO of a local enterprise called General Moly, Purpura, the chairman of New York Stock Exchange and some multilateral politicians to discuss together for recourse cooperation and common development.











     On 25th September, Chairman Wang Wenyin and Zambian President Edgar C. Lungu had a meeting. Mr. Wang introduced Amer International Group and its investment and development in Africa. President Lungu gave a highly praise to the tremendous advance of Amer in the list of the World Top 500. He warmly welcomed and strongly supported Amer’s investment in Zambia. And he hoped that more excellent enterprises will follow the step of Amer and come to Zambia for investment. After the meeting, with the highest etiquette in reception, President Lungu picked off his hat and then put it on Mr. Wang. In the melody of national anthem of Zambia, President Lungu held a grand coronation for Chairman Wang. Mr. Kalaba, the foreign minister of Zambia, Mrs. Phiri, the secretary-general of the governing party and Zhang Tong from Amer took part in the activity as well.




     China and Zambia have a long history in bilateral cooperation. Tanzania-Zambia Railway, which was built with the help of China in 1970s, is a great contribution to African people. As one of the representatives of Chinese entrepreneurs, Chairman Wang and Zambian President Edgar C. Lungu’s meeting has a significant meaning in supporting the development of Zambia and promoting the deep cooperation of the two countries.


     Chairman Wang Wenyin received public praise because of his outstanding performance during the visit.