2015 Aug.

 Chairman Wang shared his entrepreneurial history with the university students in Beijing



On the morning of 13th August, 2015, chairman of Amer Wang Wenyin has been invited to visit the headquarters base of Chinese Juvenile Military League—the place where the military summer camp was held for memorizing “80th anniversary of the Chinese People's Workers and Peasants Red Army victory” and “70th anniversary of the victory of the World Anti-Fascist War”. The activity was for the university students in Beijing in 2015. Chairman Wang shared his entrepreneurial course and business experience with all the campers. Meanwhile, General Jia Xueyang who supported and cared about the university students’ military summer camp came to the headquarters base. 

      Wang Wenyin started his speech with the topic of individual  intelligent growth. And he shared his experience of his fights in the work field and of more than 20 years’ self-employment with campers. He intended to tell us that we should have the pioneering spirit and the courage to take risks. He said: “A person’s achievement height doesn't exceed his ideal height. Knowledge is important, but insight and courage is  more important.” All the campers listened carefully and asked questions actively. The atmosphere was rather warm on that day. One student asked chairman Wang:"What’s the most important thing for an excellent enterprise?” And he answered without hesitate: “Culture is everything.” The distinct corporate culture is a large sum of invisible capital for a company.

      He also pointed out: “The core competition of enterprises is talents who are capable of learning.” Chairman Wang shared his golden rule with those students about his career developing road: “We need the following five elements to direct us if we want to go further in our career-- self-perseverance, like-minded people to supervise and manage, seek help from people of prestige, ask for guidance from talented people, and have adversaries watching over you.” During his speech, chairman Wang emphasized the social responsibility of a company and introduced Amer’s efforts in the public welfare area.

      At last, chairman Wang talked about the “intelligent growth of countries”. He said: “In China, the policies made by the government and party are very significant for us. As a result, the big environment is important. Nowadays, the economy of America, Japan and Europe is in recession. China has already became the world second largest economy and still remained a relatively rapid growth. If you want to succeed, you have to stay in China for more opportunities.” At the end of the speech, chairman Wang encouraged all the campers to work hard. His excellent speech won the applause from all of them.