2013 Dec.

Name list of Guangdong Province Manufacturing Industry Top 500 Enterprises has been published and Amer International Group ranked the second place and rewarded as the “meritorious enterprise”



On 12th December, the manufacturing development of Guangdong province international summit forum, also called “the business conference of the top 500 manufacturing industry in Guangdong province” was held grandly in Zhudao Hotel in Guangzhou. Amer International Group ranked the second place within the name list and its subsidiaries Shenzhen Chengwei electronic Co., Ltd. and Zhengwei Technology (Shenzhen) Co., Ltd. ranked the 69th and 80 thplace. At the same time, the conference rewarded Amer International Group the title of “the meritorious enterprise of the manufacturing industry in Guangdong Province” and the other two subsidiaries gained the title of “the outstanding contributed enterprises of the manufacturing business in Guangdong Province”.

      In order to carry out the outline spirit of “The 18th  national congress of the communist party of China”and “The twelfth five year plan”, increasing the upgrade speed of the manufacturing structure and industry of Guangdong Province, under the guidance of Guangdong Province development and reform commission and the support from the related enterprises, Guangdong Province manufacturing industry association and Guangdong Province Academy of social sciences enterprises research institution successfully held the rank selection of “The top 500 manufacturing business of Guangdong Province in 2013”. They also issued the name list of the ranked enterprises at the conference.

      The deputy president of the management department and the cable industry department Shen Jun and the general manager Yi Benhe from the cable business department of Amer International Group represented our company to attend the summit and accept the awarding.