2013 Dec.

Wang Wenyin was invited to attended the “Yabuli sustainable leadership summit”

On 18th  November, Yabuli sustainable leadership summit was held in Vanke headquarter. The chief economist of the Yabuli Chinese entrepreneur forum Zhang Weiying, Wangshi from Vanke and chairman from Amer International Group Wang Wenyin etc. attended the summit.

      For the sustainable development, all we need to know is how we can reach the goal, how to change our thoughts and create a development mode, how to solve the imbalance, discordance, unsustainable development of the economy during its developing process rather than why we need to do it. We can reinforce a development of sustainable future by means of energy conservation, environmental protection, making cities green and keeping low level of carbon.

      During the summit, the honored guests held a dialogue “Sustainable leadership”. The topic of sustainable development became a hot one. Wang Wenyin from the board of directors of Amer International Group, the economist Zhang Weiying and other people discussed the topic deeply.

      Regarding the main challenges that China was facing lately, Mr. Wang indicated that our knowledge and potential represented our past, wealth and power represented our present, and our studying ability and creativity represented our future. 

      The problem of the sustainable development is the problem of creativity and prolongation, which means we need to guarantee the sustainable development of enterprises and have to prolong creativity, so does the development of the country. What’s the leadership?  For enterprises - “Leadership is the ability to lead the enterprise to continuous studying”.

      When it came to the relations between technological development and sustainable development, Wang Wenyin came up with his own point of view: “We can not only focus on technological innovation, the 21st century is the age of explosive and overturn growth. The sustainable process is a history process. Every success finally fails; every life comes to an end, so in this situation how can we talk about the problem of sustainable development? I think the only thing we can do is to create a new business mode.

      Mr. Wang Wenyin said: “When you establish your own business, you need to “feed yourself by your own planted sweet potatoes”. It means that, firstly, you need to earn money for living. Five years old enterprise relies on opportunity, ten years old enterprise relies on its management, hundred years old enterprise relies on its culture, and thousand years old enterprise relies on enlightenment. And only this way you can gain wisdom, enterprise - long-lasting power, like soldiers gain fighting capacity, scholars gain studying capacity, family members – stability, and religion – vitality”. During the summit, Mr. Wang Wenyin gained high admiration from the guests. The two topics: “leadership is the ability, which leads enterprises to continuous studying” and “the theory of planting sweet potatoes” were discussed during the sub-forum.