2013 Dec.

Chairman Wang Wenyin was invited to attend the 12th Conference of International professionals’ exchange.

From 6 th -7th November, “the first meeting for Chinese talents” was hosted by the National Foreign Expert Bureau and Shenzhen government. On 12th November, Conference of International professionals’ exchange was held in Shenzhen Convention Exhibition Center. The chairman of Amer International Group was invited to attend the opening ceremony. He also made an important speech titled “Global talents’ enterprise wisdom growth” on the forum “International Intelligence pushes forward the city development in China”.

      About the relationship of the country, enterprise and talents, Mr. Wang Wenyin indicated that, the competition of the country depends on power, the competition of power depends on enterprise, the competition of enterprise depends on products, the competition of products depends on brands and competition of brands depends on talents.  At last, all these competitions are based on talents.
Mr. Wang Wenyin said “The enterprise, which focuses on the organizational structure, can finally succeed. When hiring personnel, we pay attention to creation of excellent team, not just recruitment of individuals”. He finished his speech with Chinese wisdom: “One flower cannot create a spring; only different flowers blooming together can create a splendid spring view”.

      The development of enterprise and cultivation of talents shouldn’t be apart. Mr. Wang Wenyin claims: “Enterprise needs to train three kinds of talents. One kind is to create talents, who can lead the business mode. At present, the average life of Chinese enterprise is only 2.7 years. This demands the enterprise to train people, who have prospective view. Secondly, we need to educate people with creative abilities and have good sense of self-correction. For an enterprise, the ability of error correction is more important than creativity. Thirdly, we need to train the talents for creating with new products and services for our society.”

      Amer International Group insisted on using international talents, markets and management, as well as providing a large development space for each employee. Mr. Wang Wenyin said: “Amer encourages employees to realize self-value. The unity of knowledge and action can help us to fulfill our dreams”.