2013 Nov.

The third quarter work summary & the fourth quarter work plan report seminar of 2013 of Amer International Group was grandly held

 From 1st -2nd November, the third quarter work summary & the fourth quarter work plan report seminar of 2013 of Amer International Group was grandly held in Langham hotel. Almost 200 representatives came from different subsidiaries and business departments of our group attended the conference. The conference was hosted by the vice-chairman Wu Guanyi, together with our chairman Wang Wenyin and the executive director Liu Jiehong.

      Except for summarizing the work of the third quarter of this year, we also analyzed the problems that we encountered during our work and the changes of our macroeconomic environment. We put forward the specific measures according to the concerned problems and made the plan for the fourth quarter in this year. During the conference, president Wen Dezhong who represented the copper product business department firstly gave us the work report. And then, each department representative came out to give us the report separately. The vice-chairman Mr. Wu made remarks on all of their work summaries and plans.

      The report indicated that, the department of copper product business realized the year on year increase of 16.73% of internal and external sale value in the third quarter. Compared with the budget of 2013, it is 99% achievement rate. The subsidiary of our group in Shanghai had achieved great development of the sale value in the third quarter. It fulfilled the whole annual plan in advance and exceeded the target of 19%. In spite of the small impact we got from the policy in May and bank crisis in June, the copper industry in the third quarter achieved great performance, and improved its business volume once again. 

      Under the drastic marketing competition environment, copper material business division, Shanghai subsidiary, Singapore subsidiary etc. gained the approval from the conference. Vice-president Wu Guanyi called for all of the staff should learn from them, he said that: The whole group in Shanghai subsidiary was rather excellent, and they had strong study ability. They were the model that our whole group should learn from them. The only one unchanged thing in the world was change. The copper material business subsidiary not only can master the market, manage the market, but also did a good job at integrating with their competitors.”He still emphasized that: “Without the safety inventory, we can not do anything about expanding the market occupancy ratio. Only guarantee the safety inventory, we can climb to the higher stage.”

       The conference pointed out that, in the third quarter, cable business division sales value realized a year-on-year growth of 32%. The loan recovery rate reached 99%, at the same time, the cable business division would hold the “Amer Cup” autumn sports meeting in the near future.  Han Jade and stone business division also achieved a stage breakthrough of the foreign trade business. It will also complete the construction of the first stage enterprise image, organization structure adjustment, distribution channel of the Jade group. We were currently going on with the infrastructure equipment and the workshop construction of the semi-conductor business division according to our plan. 

      The financial expert Wangwei who was invited to our group made a report about “Concentrate on the financial power to build up our future glory—Amer group financial strategy blueprint for the future 10 years.”Mr. Wang Wenyin said that, Amer had a dream of “Financial empire”, we need a macroscopic plan for the realization of billions of financing target. And the defence of the financial support system is as important as the expansion of the financial support system.

      When it came to the summarization of the conference, Mr. Wang Wenyin said that: “This year’s conference really makes me happy, and this is the happiest year in 20 years. Because this conference only has 1/3 undesirable report and I believe that it will turn to better result in the future. With the developing of our group, we will enlarge ourselves by building the real estate department and the technology department which based on our five fundamental departments.

      For the next quarter work plan, Mr. Wang Wenyin also gave us the indication that, we did not have the unreasonable target, but an unreasonable deadline. In addition to the work summary of 2013 and specific action target of 2014 for the next quarter report content, we also had to cover the content of three years target, five years co-ordination, ten years plan and fifty years expectation.

      At the end of the meeting, in order to meet the requirements of our group that the whole work staff should learn from each other, our chairman led us to talk to each other. The conference ended in an enthusiastic atmosphere.