2013 Nov.

Amer International Group attended the Chinese enterprises award ceremony of the Fortune Global Top 500



 On 11th November, the Chinese enterprise award ceremony of Fortune Global 500 was held in Beijing. The representatives from the enterprises ranked on the list attended the award ceremony. The chief editor of Fortune also participated in the event, awarding Amer International Group for its achievements.

      Fortune Global 500 List has always been a renowned and authoritative list for measuring the performance of the global enterprises. In 2012,Amer International Group ranked the 387th  place within the Fortune Global 500 List. Amer became only one of the two private enterprises among the 16 Chinese enterprises which were just new on the list. 

      At the award ceremony, the chief editor of Fortune said that: “Nowadays, the third Plenum(Plenary Session) of the 18th Communist Party of China Central Committee is being held and we are looking forward to the conference result which will push the development of China to a large degree. We get here to celebrate the Chinese enterprises which are among the Fortune Global 500 List in 2013.”

      This year, among the Fortune Global 500 List, there are 95 Chinese companies on the list, compared with 79 companies in the last year, this number is growing quite fast. If we take a glance at the data of the increasing income, in the short five years, the general revenue of the Chinese enterprises which are among the Global Top 500 has increased 70%.

      There are 132 American companies among the Global Top 500 List this year. However, the number of Chinese enterprises among the Global Top 500 List is expected to exceed the number of American’s in the near future. Maybe one day, one of the Chinese enterprises will become the No. 1 within the list.

      There are some other people attended the ceremony, they are the deputy editor in chief Stephanie Mehta from the Fortune, the copywriter Sun Zhuo, the international publisher Andy Bush, the Asian publisher Khoon Fong Ang and the chief editor of the Chinese version Tom Gorman, the Fortune Global Forum executive director John Needham, the representative of the China region of the Fortune Global Top 500 Zhang Dan. The assistant of the chairman of the board Wang Weiwei represented our group to attend the award ceremony.